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Pipeline Construction in Western Canada

Midwest Pipelines Project Management Team has the discipline to carefully project and plan, organize, motivate and control resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria. 

Our Management team consists of individuals who have many years of experience and expertise on some of the most difficult pipeline projects around the world.

Digging a ditch


Construction & Integrity

Pipe being lowered in

  • Project Management & Supervision
  • Mainline Pipeline Construction
  • Gathering/Tailings Lines
  • Engineering Support
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Weld Procedures & Qualifications
  • Process Pipe Repair Procedures
  • Double Jointing of Pipe
  • Major and Minor Pipeline Infrastructure Crossings
  • Civil/Pipeline Corridor Preparation and Restoration
  • Pipe-In-Pipe Systems
  • Dig Ups
  • Estimating. Planning & Scheduling
  • Cost Control and Change Management Systems
  • Portable Automatic Weld Systems
  • Pipe Spooling/Fabrication
  • Procurement
  • Support for HDD’s and Micro Tunnel

Pipeline Construction

Midwest Pipelines Inc. has the capability to provide complete pipeline construction services for all diameters of pipe ranging from 6” to 54” diameter for both large and small projects within the Prairies and British Columbia.

Automatic Welding

Double Jointing